Sustainability – The business is based on annually renewable, affordable, and infinitely sustainable biomass resources. Our initial operation will locate in a resource rich agri-business hub. Long term availability of biomass feedstock is assured by facility location.

NovaGreen is perfecting a technology that enables extremely efficient utilization of biomass for a number of high demand products.  Our extraction and conversion technology fully utilizes all biomass inputs.

Multiple Products, Zero Waste.

Innovation – The combination of technology and feedstock types is a truly unique and innovative approach to important, high growth markets. The solution provides new opportunities for agriculture, food and nutrition markets, and the rural economy.

NovaGreen utilizes biomass to create healthy, environmentally friendly products for the world marketplace. The company will focus on high margin refined biomass solutions for industrial, commercial, and consumer markets. Our project excels in six areas:

Environmental Friendliness – All phases of development are environmentally friendly. NovaGreen’s process inputs utilize biomass by-products for most requirements, ensuring an extremely small carbon footprint, and eligibility for significant carbon credits. NovaGreen’s outputs and processes are also extremely environmentally friendly. Advanced technology, and recycling capabilities ensure that air, water, and solid waste by-products meet and exceed standards for the environment.

Portability– Our production technologies can combine several different biomass feed stocks, giving the process global appeal and application. It is also an excellent ‘bolt on’ solution for existing facilities that are interested in improving the cost efficiency and utilization of their current biomass feedstock. By adding NovaGreen’s solution to an existing facility (for example, a hardwood processing facility, or sugar cane production facility) companies can improve margin, revenue, and efficiency. This business approach is transportable and exportable around the world.

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Diversity of Both Inputs and Outputs– We can choose from a wide variety of starting biomass products, available nearly anywhere in the world. Diversification = sustainability and profitability.

Overall Project Benefits of a Multi-Product Biomass Production Facility


Value Add – Our proprietary processes convert low value, abundant biomass into high value, high margin products (XOS, Biochar, Engineered Carbon) for expanding markets. Low value biomass is increased in value by a factor of 10 times or more as a result of our value-added processes.

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