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Restoring Carbon Balance, and Replacing Nutrient Deficits

Biochar has different forms, and can be created or formulated into different product variants. NovaGreen’s focus on Biochar centers on the use of agricultural biomass as a starting feedstock source.  We will use a ‘slow pyrolysis’ technique to create our biochar. This involves heating or ‘charring’ of the starting biomass in a low oxygen environment.  Our initial biochar primary application will be to return it to the agricultural soil in the region where it is created.

When returned to the earth, the end product has several beneficial uses for Agriculture, and for the Environment.  ​Benefits to agricultural processes, and to environmental sustainability, include:

  • carbon sequestration (and associated carbon credits)
  • reduction of crop fertilizer requirements
  • reduced carbon dioxide emissions
  • reduced nitrous oxide emissions
  • enhanced plant productivity
  • increased water holding capacity
  • improved nutrient retention
  • increases to beneficial biota in soil

Biochar can make a significant contribution to rebuilding nutrient deficient soils that exist globally today, helping offset soil degradation associated with long term intensive 'modern' farming practices. It can help naturally restore the soil to higher quality health and production. With benefits that last for decades if not centuries.


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