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drives exciting global opportunities for NovaGreen.

Biomass Extraction and Conversion Leadership
Biomass is one of the most abundant resources in nature.   It is hugely underutilized, and often wasted. NovaGreen's unique technology optimizes utilization of low value biomass 'waste'  from a wide variety of agriculture or forestry products. Feedstock options include wheat straw, hemp stalks, sugar cane bagasse, or corn stover, along with numerous  hardwoods/hardwood wastes. We transform these problem low value starting products into high value nutrition and environmental products.  

About Us

Our Unique Value Proposition

NovaGreen's ‘disruptive', proprietary technology and business approach focuses on optimizing hemicellulose. ​We extract and refine high volumes of hemicellulose for input into Consumer Health & Nutrition products. Then, we fully convert remaining outputs into Biochar or Engineered Carbon.         

NovaGreen’s proprietary technology will measurably improve process efficiency and product yield of high value dietary fibre - and address a waiting market. 

Our demonstration project will accomplish three mission critical tasks:

  • Optimization– Deliver a process integrated, optimized solution. 
  • Quality Assurance Provide product samples that ensure quality for a waiting list of interested clients.
  • Scalability- The pilot portion of the Demonstration project will prove out scalability of end-to-end processes.  

The Demonstration project sets the stage for rapid commercial engagement.

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Biomass consists of three basic elements:

  • Cellulose, a simple sugar glucose molecule
  • Hemicellulose, a more complex sugar molecule found in plants, and
  • Lignin, the ‘glue’ component that provides strength and structure for the plant.​

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Our processes unlock the full potential of biomass, creating valuable, environmentally friendly  products for the world marketplace.  The technology enables extremely efficient utilization of biomass.  Our products will have a very positive impact on the consumer health & nutrition marketplace, the environment,and agriculture.