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XOS is an ‘emerging’ product in the health and nutrition marketplace, due to its many health benefits. XOS has been inhibited in the market by historically ‘low yield’ of product based on traditional extraction and development methods.  There is a strong market for the product, if productions yields can be improved (lowering cost to market).
NovaGreen’s proprietary Sequential Extraction Technology will focus on improving the yield of XOS from our various agricultural biomass types. Our short term goal is to demonstrate and provide product samples for evaluation and use by commercial clients.

Product Sets:  XOS

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Xylo-oligosaccharides (XOS) are produced via the hydrolysis of xylan.  In a similar fashion to Inulin (which NovaGreen will also manufacture), XOS is an ‘edible fibre’.

It has a prebiotic function, and stimulates the growth of healthy micro-flora (bacteria) in the gut.  This has a number of positive effects on humans, including:  

  • improving absorption of food nutrients such as calcium, iron, and other beneficial minerals,
  • improving body immunity,
  • inhibiting ‘bad bacteria’ and carcinogenic development in the intestine,
  • lowering cholesterol levels,
  • helping production of vitamin B,
  • helping reduce or prevent tooth decay,
  • improving blood sugar, and
  • helping the body improve fat metabolism (thus reducing fat storage in the body).