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Activated Biochar

As part of our Sequential Extraction Technology (SET) process, NovaGreen has converted a number of starting biomass types to biochar. Slow pyrolysis of this biomass creates a type of charcoal (bio-char), plus some bio-gas and bio-oil. NovaGreen is testing this biochar in the field to enhance crop growth. Additionally, assessment of NovaGreen biochar has shown strong potential for other commercial applications.  >>


Xylo-oligosaccharides (XOS) are produced via the hydrolysis of xylan. In a similar fashion to Inulin (which NovaGreen will also manufacture), XOS is an ‘edible fibre’. It has a prebiotic function, and stimulates the growth of healthy micro-flora (bacteria) in the gut.  >>

Product Sets


NovaGreen uses a proprietary feedstock source to produce inulin. NovaGreen has teamed with our technology partner to develop and market this proprietary technology. This unique collaboration enables NovaGreen to provide a North American source of Inulin to a waiting domestic and global marketplace.  >>


NovaGreen Xylitec Refining utilizes a unique, proprietary process to produce Xylitol.  >>

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Biochar has many different forms, and can be created or formulated into many different product variants. NovaGreen’s focus on Biochar will center on the use of agricultural biomass as a starting feedstock source. We will use a ‘slow pyrolysis’ technique to create our biochar.  This involves heating or ‘charring’ of the starting biomass in a low oxygen environment, at comparatively low heat in comparison to ‘fast pyrolysis’.  >>