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KDBDA works closely with NovaGreen as a support organization and business development partner. As a booster of the region, KDBDA, along with NovaGreen, is a founding partner of GreenTEC (Green Technical Excellence Center) a multi-functional agri-business park, which will be located at the Town of Killam.

The organization supports regional growth and development, and works closely with the regional government organizations to promote regional growth and revitalization. KDBDA provides strong support in numerous areas, including regional matters associated with:

  • government
  • environmental
  • waste management
  • education
  • planning and regulatory
  • utilities
  • manpower
  • taxation
  • housing and services
  • feedstock sourcing for standard and custom requirements

The KDBDA website,, provides additional information on the organization and its capabilities.

Killam & District Business Development Association (KDBDA)

Battle River Agri-Ventures

Cooperative NGC (BRAV-C)

Alberta Biochar Initiative
The Alberta Biochar Initiative (ABI) consists of small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs), industry, academia and government sharing information and producing and generating biochar for end-use applications including soil amendments, reclamation, remediation, horticultural growth media and conducting biochar lifecycle analysis for potential carbon sequestration applications.  Novagreen is a founding commercial member of ABI, and supports the development and commercial deployment of biochar production technology in Alberta through the ABI.  

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Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures (formerly Alberta Research Council)

AITF provides us with research and development support, and specialized solution development input.
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Our Partners

These strategic relationships, in combination with our business partners, provide NovaGreen with an excellent foundation of business, technology, and financial development support.  NovaGreen continually searches out compatible partners and business leaders to improve our solutions and approach to market.  We continue to add to the list of project advocates and supporters on a regular basis.

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NovaGreen has contractual and business development relationships with several well recognized business and technology development organizations, including:

Lakeland College
Lakeland College is working with Novagreen and Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures (AITF) on a multi-year applied research program that will optimize best practices for commercial propagation, variety selection, seed vs. tuber cultivation, weed management, seed parameters, and harvest practices for related to the commercialization of Jerusalem artichoke.

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Additional Project Support and Leadership

BRAV-C is a New Generation Cooperative located in Flagstaff County, Alberta, approximately 150 km south east of Edmonton. The district has nearly 1,000,000 acres of crop land, and over 600,000 acres of

crop are seeded annually in Flagstaff County.  The region is well known for its growing ability, and high yield crop production.  The district has traditionally based most production in wheat, canola, barley, peas, and oats. BRAV-C plans to further leverage regional crop growing expertise by introducing additional value added, agri-business opportunities to the region.  This investment will benefit both farmers and regional investors interested in promoting local business growth and success.

NovaGreen has negotiated a preferred supplier agreement with BRAV-C for delivery and logistical coordination of the straw required to meet both Demonstration and Commercial production biomass volumes . Delivery Rights Agreements with BRAV-C members will enable NovaGreen to ensure adequate biomass to meet annual production requirements.

The BRAV-C arrangement provides an assured market and value for committed amounts of straw. Farmers know in advance the revenue associated with straw, and also get an additional premium to market via this contractual arrangement.

 BRAV-C is also an equity investor in the NovaGreen biorefinery. By providing the straw feedstock product to the refinery, BRAV-C straw suppliers also contribute to the overall success and profitability of the project. As many suppliers are also be BRAV-C investors, they will be contributing to their own investment success via supply of feedstock to the biorefining project.

Initial delivery contracts have been developed for wheat, barley, and flax straw. BRAV-C has also taken a leadership position in the development of the specialty crop ‘Jerusalem Artichoke’, which produces Inulin.
For more on BRAV-C, please refer to their website