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Novagreen East Inc.’s starting development will initially focus on commercial propagation of Ht, graduating to full commercial production of Inulin and Xylitol over time.  The propagation element of the business is very important to overall North American commercial adaptation of the crop.  Propagation technologies represent unique Intellectual Property that will be licensable to a large North American and global market.

The propagation project builds on significant prior development by NovaGreen Inc., Novagreen East, and our technical partners. The technology represents a unique, revolutionary approach to development of Ht ‘crop acres’ which are essential to the commercial development of value added downstream Inulin, Xylitol, and XOS products. 

Novagreen East Inc. is a start-up stage, Nova Scotia based Biotech company, focused on the development of innovative nutriceuticals and functional food products.  A joint venture between NovaGreen Inc. and Nova Scotia partners, the company intends to set up a nutriceutical manufacturing plant in Nova Scotia to extract inulin, and manufacture xylitol from locally grown Helianthus Tuberosus (Ht) also known as Jerusalem Artichoke. 

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