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Consumer Health Benefits of Inulin

About the Inulin Market...

Inulin is very much a mainstream product.  It is a ‘quiet giant’ in the food industry.
Inulin is already used in over 10,000 food products globally.  And it is just getting started!

Kellogg Europe predicts growth for the Inulin market segment ‘Novel fibres’ will be 750%

in the next few years.  And the application base for Inulin is also changing dramatically.

In addition to the current mainstream use in items such as nutrition bars and breakfast cereals, pasta products from companies including Kraft and Catelli for example are now adding significant amounts of Inulin to their ‘health focused brands’.

Inulin has several valued technological properties to the health,
​nutrition, and food processing industries.

  1. As a fat replacement and fibre enrichment product, it improves the taste, texture, and mouth feel of reduced fat and fat free dairy products,

  2. It improves the structure and crispness of cereal based products,

  3. It is an excellent diet product. It provides a ‘filling effect’, but it is not absorbed by the body. As a dietary supplement, it is a healthy means of reducing food intake,

  4. It is an excellent choice for diabetics. It does not increase blood sugar levels. It is commonly used in food formulations for diabetics,

  5. Excellent overall health benefits.  Inulin:

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NovaGreen uses a proprietary feedstock source to produce inulin. NovaGreen has teamed with our technology partner to develop and market this proprietary technology. This unique collaboration enables NovaGreen to provide a North American source of Inulin to a waiting domestic and global marketplace.

  • reduces risk of cardiovascular disease,
  • inhibits growth of intestinal pathogenic bacteria,
  • reduces risk of osteoporosis,
  • improves management of inflammatory bowel disease,
  • lowers blood sugar in Type 2 diabetes, and
  • helps with weight management.