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Biochar, for Soil Amendment and Remediation 

Activated Carbon

​NovaGreen and its technical partners have demonstrated that biochar can successfully be converted into a high quality value-added engineered carbon. The produced carbon material has a unique combination of chemical and physical properties, including:

  • high surface area range

  • high conductivity

  • very low ash

  • good chemical stability, and

  • controlled porosity.

NovaGreen’s engineered carbon will be extremely competitive at commercial stage.  As the cost of carbon material has major influence on the final cost of super-capacitor electrodes, producing at an attractive cost point will enable the product to compete in the wholesale marketplace.  

Specialty Sugar and Fibre Products for the Food and Nutrition Marketplace

  • Inulin

  • Xylitol

  • Xylo-Oligosaccharides, or XOS
    Over 10,000 products already use these products, and demand for these products is predicted to rise by up to ​750% over the
    next few years.


NovaGreen is a Demonstration stage, specialty biorefinery organization.  We are focused on:

Target Markets

Specialty Sugar and Fibre products will target the functional food market, and the companion pet food market. These markets seek additional reliable, high quality ingredients. We will supply cost competitive, non-GMO, North American-based solutions to serve them. 

The proposed target market for our renewably created Activated Carbon is stationary energy storage. There is excellent market potential for use as supercapacitors to be used in large stationary smart-grid or off-grid applications. To date, NovaGreen and its Canadian partners have successfully completed proof of concept and small-scale prototype fabrication work.