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This low serving/high efficiency value positions NovaGreen XOS as a prebiotic of preference for many processed food and dietary supplement applications.   

Carbon Credits
Significant, quantified carbon offset benefits associated with a full commercial footprint have been identified. The offset benefits provide additional project benefit, and cost offset.

Biochar, for Soil Amendment and Remediation 

Biochar has significant benefit to agricultural and industrial processes, and contributes to environmental sustainability. Soil and plant benefits include:

  • carbon stabilization
  • reduced fertilizer requirements
  • reduced carbon dioxide emissions
  • reduced nitrous oxide emissions
  • enhanced plant productivity
  • increased water holding capacity, improved nutrient retention, increases beneficial biota in soil

NovaGreen Biochar will provide all of these benefits back into the regional soil that grows the starting biomass crops.

A full life cycle benefit takes place via combined processes.

Prebiotic Fibre for the Food and Nutrition Marketplace

Xylo-Oligosaccharide, or XOS, is an emerging prebiotic fibre. Dietary fibre is currently found in over 10,000 products globally. The world is awakening to the healthy benefits of fibre. Science has proven that an immense 'fibre gap' exists in modern diets. (See the chart in our 'XOS' section for more info on this gap).

The requirement to fill the gap will see demand for dietary fibre products rise by up to ​750% over the next few years. And NovaGreen fully intends to help narrow that gap with our XOS solution. 

XOS is an amazingly efficient prebiotic fibre in comparison to many competing products. 


NovaGreen is a Demonstration stage, specialty bio-refinery organization.  Our focus:

Target Markets

Specialty prebiotic fibre products will target the functional ingredient market, and the dietary supplement market. We will provide these markets with cost competitive, high quality, North American-based XOS.