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Our Unique Value

NovaGreen's ‘disruptive' technology and business approach aims to creatively advance biomass refining. ​Our proprietary technology approach extracts and refines high volumes of ALL biomass components.  The approach yields high value products that benefit Health & Nutrition. Process efficiency virtually eliminates waste and toxic by-products from the production cycle. Remnant products are carbon-credit eligible. 
Environmental advantages include:

  • Small water footprint.
  • Small energy footprint.  Wherever possible, we utilize renewable resources as heat and power sources.
  • Greenhouse gas offsets.  Several elements of our project will generate carbon credits, driving our carbon footprint towards the target goal of zero over time.

NovaGreen’s proprietary Sequential Extraction Technology will measurably improve the yield of XOS from agricultural biomass.

Our 2019 Demonstration project will accomplish three mission critical tasks:

  • Ensure Process Integration– Deliver an integrated, optimized, commercially scalable solution. 
  • Provide Sample Production– We have a comprehensive list of interested clients asking for product samples. This portion of the project will provide them with samples that prove out the quality of our products. End users want to be assured that the products meet their benchmarks, prior to making commercial scale commitments related to product purchase.
  • Prove Out Commercial Scalability- The latter stages of the Demonstration provide scale-up components that prove out scalability of both individual and integrated processes.  

The Demonstration project sets the stage for commercial engagement.

This technology and approach-to-market

drives exciting global opportunities for NovaGreen.

Biomass Extraction and Conversion Leadership
Biomass, one of the most abundant resources in nature, comes in many forms.  For NovaGreen, biomass can be either native plant species, or ‘remnant’ biomass 'waste'  leftover from the processing of agriculture or forestry products.  Native plant species include hardwood, and sugar cane.  Remnant products include wheat straw, wood waste, sugar cane bagasse, or corn stover.  This wide range of low cost starting feedstock types gives NovaGreen numerous options for project location. Feedstock diversity prevents dependency on a single input resource.

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Biomass is composed of three basic elements:

  • Cellulose, formed by the linkage of glucose (simple sugar) molecules in the plant;
  • Hemicellulose, a more complex sugar molecule found in plants; and
  • Lignin, the ‘glue’ component that provides strength and structure for the plant.​

Our processes unlock the full potential of biomass, creating valuable, environmentally friendly products for the world marketplace.  NovaGreen technology enables extremely efficient utilization of biomass for high demand products.  These products will have a very positive impact on agriculture, the consumer health food marketplace, and the environment.

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