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​Traditional Helianthus tuberosus (Ht, or Jerusalem artichoke) crop planting methodology does not favor large scale commercialization.  As a result, this plant has been confined to ‘hobby’ or ‘garden’ crop acreage for the last 50 years.  In comparison to grain, oilseed, and pulse crops, current agronomic disadvantages include:

  • high labor and ‘field time’ requirement
  • requirement for customized commercial scale digging and planting equipment 
  • lack of uniformity of seed culture 
  • introduction and transmission of disease

NovaGreen and our key agricultural partners intend to change this. Making the ‘leap’ from ‘hobby farming’, to true commercial capability, will soon be possible.

The extended NovaGreen team has invested significant time, effort, and expense to advance pre-commercialization of Ht. Our emerging breakthrough commercial scale Intellectual Property will enable the global farming community to bridge the existing gap, using the same equipment most ‘big acre’ farmers already have and are familiar with.

Our team is perfectly positioned to enable game changing Ht crop commercialization. NovaGreen’s Intellectual Property in this field will convert small acre technology into large acre Ht farming. Necessary ‘crop acres’ will be planted, maintained, and harvested using traditional grain, oilseed, and pulse crop equipment. We will license this end-to-end capability to qualified agricultural individuals or organizations.

Stay tuned to our website for more exciting developments in this area over the coming months.