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NovaGreen and its technical partners are developing a proprietary technology for ‘electrode grade’ carbon fabrication.  The process is energy efficient, controllable, and easily scalable.  It allows tailoring final product properties in accordance to a specification.  The surface area and its functionality, porosity of the product can be controlled. Utilization of low-cost, renewable, sustainable resource such as biochar offers many advantages from both a cost and environmental prospective.  The physical and chemical properties of produced materials will be tailored to meet supercapacitor requirements. 

Product Sets:  Activated Carbon

As of 2013, the global supercapacitor market (mainly, EDLC, or electrical double layer capacitors) is approximately $1 Billion USD.  The market is growing at 25-30% per annum.  Within 10 years, the estimated size of the worldwide supercapacitor industry will be approximately $11 billion. Currently, the main portion of the market is occupied by the standard coin cells for industrial electronics application.  Recently, rapid growth in products for the automotive industry has occurred.  Additionally, market demand in stationary applications, especially in wind-generated power, solar cells, and cogeneration power systems, is expected to increase dramatically.  This stationary storage segment is the target market for our activated carbon products.

Reduction of raw material costs is a key to commercial profitability.  Fabrication of engineered carbon from renewable feedstocks such as biochar is an excellent approach to cost reduction.  The technology developed by NovaGreen and partners, based on agricultural feedstock, provides a scalable, sustainable, and transferable alternative to current supply sources. 

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