TECHNOLOGY:  NovaGreen's proprietary business solution unlocks the full value of biomass.  Our technology refines ALL usable elements of biomass in a 'green', environmentally-friendly manner.  These products will have an immediate, positive impact on the future of the consumer food marketplace, and the environment.  

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​​AGRICULTURE  Core deliverables utilize all elements of standard agricultural crops. Our 'full-cycle' approach to biomass crop utilization enables NovaGreen to extract key food ingredient elements, and convert the remnant into  environmentally valuable products.  [read more...

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NovaGreen Creatively Transforms Low Value Biomass into High Value, High Demand Products that Benefit Consumer Health and Environmental Sustainability

Bio-Resources for a Healthy Planet

FOCUS:  NovaGreen is a Demonstration stage, specialty biorefinery organization.  We are focused on: Healthy food ingredient products including Specialty  Fibre Products for the Food and Nutrition marketplace, and Environmental Products including Biochar for the Renewable Energy Market.  

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